Roshan Loungani

Retirement & Financial Advisor

About Roshan Loungani

Roshan A. Loungani, CFP® CRPC®, is a seasoned professional who provides well-informed, personalized financial advisory services to his clients, ultimately guiding them to achieve the lives they truly want to live.

An entrepreneur in investing and even creating his own businesses, Roshan first turned to the world of finance over a decade ago. He began his own practice with American Express Financial Advisors, which would later become Ameriprise Financial. As Roshan rose through the ranks he strove to improve his own industry knowledge. In 2003 he officially earned his designation as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). He later got involved in the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program, which provides a top-notch course of study for finance professionals, and he completed the level 1 exam of its curriculum.

As Roshan Loungani got more involved in the financial planning industry he decided to focus specifically on retirees. He received another designation as Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®), and armed with his personal interest in the “Science of Happiness,” Roshan began to inspire his clients to achieve more than they ever thought possible. While at American Express Financial Advisors Roshan was singled out for his exceptional work, earning internal awards such as the Mercury Award, the Financial Top Achiever Award, and a spot in the company’s Circle of Success program.

Over the years, Roshan has helped people open up about their goals and create strategic plans to make them happen. From pursuing new hobbies to taking new classes and participating in community events, Roshan helps his clients try things that not only benefit themselves, but society at large.

Roshan Loungani has been a Partner and Retirement Specialist with Arete Wealth Management, LLC since 2008. He is also an Organizer for the Boomer Happiness Project, which helps people find their happiness and achieve their visions for a healthy and productive retirement. Roshan is particularly qualified for this position because one of his early entrepreneurial companies was an event planning service; now, he helps the Boomer Happiness Project organize meetups and informational events for retirees who need guidance.

In addition to his work with the Boomer Happiness Project, Roshan has also been an instructor for “Happiness Hours” that take place at local senior centers in Virginia.

Roshan Loungani has always believed that people can accomplish whatever they want as long as they define their goals, work hard, and have the resources they need to make it all happen. He is proud to offer some of the most important resources for retirement through his professional and extracurricular services.

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